Malaga drift

Loyal customers have helped an Eccles cafe get through lockdown despite being limited to takeaways.

Gordon Conway, owner of the Malaga Drift Coffee Lounge Bar, in Church Road, said: “Customers have been amazing.

“I’ve had people almost in tears to see us open. That’s support that makes it feel worthwhile.”

Photo credit: Gordon Conway owner of Malaga cafe

Like many other businesses in Salford, Malaga Drift has faced many difficulties over the past year due to ongoing government guidelines designed to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Restaurants and bars across Greater Manchester were either forced to close or become ‘takeaway only’ as the government put the city in Tier 3 restrictions and lockdown.

Mr Conway said: “The nationwide lockdown in November also caused issues for many businesses. We tried our best to adapt and support the rules; less tables, more signage, more effort, shorter opening times and of course less customers…and finally total lockdown. There has been no support.”

The cafe shop also normally runs a chess club which has been postponed during the pandemic so it missed out on the upsurge of interest caused by the hit television series The Queen’s Gambit.

Photo Credit: Gordon Conway owner of cafe

Mr Conway said: “All of our events chess night, games night, Union Riders meets, Womens Institute book club, folk night, open-mic nights all either cancelled entirely or run at a much lower level.”

But he hopes all will return once re-opening dates for cafes are confirmed.

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