Salford baby bank

A former sweet shop in Langworthy is providing a home for the Salford Baby Bank until 80,000 tickets are sold in a raffle to win the property.

Alexandra Smyth, 36, decided to hold a raffle in December in an unconventional effort to pass on the much-loved Kandy Kabin to someone who really wants it.

She inherited the Langworthy Road shop from her parents, Sharon and Stuart Smyth, who ran the sweet shop for 26 years.

They did have some offers on the property but lenders were asking for a 40 per cent deposit, and potential buyers didn’t have the capital for that.

She said: “We thought, what a fantastic opportunity for someone to win our commercial property for just £2. It gives people a chance to win it who have a business dream that don’t have the capital to get started.”

In the meantime she has made the shop a base for Salford Baby Bank  – a charity that helps families in urgent need of baby essentials.

It works with community organisations to run collection points which can be passed on to families in need.

Kandy Kabin
The Kandy Kabin. Photo credit: taken by Alexandra Smyth

Angie Ouattara, founder of Salford Baby Bank, spoke to Miss Smyth who agreed to let the charity use the property until 80,000 tickets have been sold.

Miss Smyth said: “I have a young family myself and I love the fact if we were ever struggling there would be someone we could turn to for help.

“My mum and dad gave so much to the local community for 26 years and I thought that there’s no better way to finish our journey with the Kandy Kabin than by giving something back.”

The charity will occupy the property rent-free until the time comes that 80,000 tickets have been sold.

She said: “My mum and dad would have absolutely loved the idea. They would always help out in the community whenever they could so it seems really fitting to end our era by helping a charity.”

So far she has sold 7,200 tickets which cost £2 and are available here. Find out more about Salford Baby Bank’s services here.

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