Eccles leisure centre

The Covid-19 vaccination centre in Eccles is back up and running, after its closure earlier this month. 

Eccles vaccination centre reached its target in early February, with everyone in the most vulnerable groups being invited for a Covid vaccination. The most vulnerable groups include people over the age of 70, key workers, and all individuals at any age who are considered at high risk.

More than 80 percent of these groups received their first dose, this was enough for the government to place the centre on standby.

Following the target being reached by military personnel, who had been helping the centre, were withdrawn and are keeping in with national restrictions. The centre was closed.

According to a new national risk stratification model 7000 ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ missed out on the jab in February.

However, in the last week, the centre has opened its doors once again and is vaccinating the new vulnerable groups. But due to national restrictions, people in lower priority groups cannot be invited until local health authorities are instructed to do so by NHS England, resulting in a wait for the majority of people. Those who have received the vaccine have taken to twitter to describe the experience.

While some received the vaccine others were helping fill the army’s boots and working as volunteers in aiding the NHS.

Alan who got the jab at the centre says: Salford is my home and I want to add to the safety of my place of birth in the hope that we can continue to interact with our families, friends and neighbours. It’s good to know I’ve done my bit. I’m immensely grateful to the staff who assisted me and to the NHS for their professionalism”.

The continued vaccine rollout comes as the UK tries to meet the target of all adults vaccinated by July 31st. This information comes as Boris Johnson unveiled his roadmap for the country last night. In the second phase of the vaccination campaign the government hopes to vaccinate all over-50s by May. A target that would see around 32 million people offered a first dose.

All eligible people in each priority group should receive a personal invitation from the Salford NHS Vaccination Centre either by letter or text.

Anyone in an eligible cohort can book vaccinations themselves through an online portal.

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