A memorial of sunflowers is set to be planted this March around Salford to remember those who have died due to Covid-19.

Miranda Clarke, 47, the woman behind the idea, was inspired to plant the flowers after hearing that more than 100,000 lives had been lost due to the virus.


Miranda’s sunflower she planted last year.


Mrs Clarke, who lives in Ordsall, said: “I wanted to do something that would help me, and others remember all the individual lives that were lost because 100,000 is so much more than just a number.

“The sunflowers will help remind us of our loved once who are sadly no longer with us, but they will also bring hope and encourage us to stay positive in these troubling times.”

Since posting the idea on Facebook, the response has been triumphant, with many people expressing their eagerness to get involved.

Pat Wolthersone, secretary for the Salford Allotment Federation, said: “I think it’s a great idea, there are so many different varieties of sunflowers, so you can make each individual flower stand for that specific person you are wanting to remember.

“Most of us plant sunflowers, but we simply think of them as a plant, but now they will mean so much more to everybody.”

Allotment sites all around Salford have already been informed of the idea to plant the flowers, but Miranda wants to encourage every household to get involved.

Miranda said: “I want as many people as we can to get involved, imagine walking down a street and just seeing sunflowers everywhere, and knowing they have such a beautiful meaning behind them, it will be the best way to remember those we love.”

March is the best time to start planting your flowers and you can purchase seeds from most of your local shops.

You can share your sunflower’s progress by tweeting us using the hashtag #SalfordSunflowers.

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