The Salford Rum Company has released a new drink which ‘champions the history of the city’.

Simon Hayes, operations manager for Salford Rum, said: “What was most important to us was making sure any new rum we created fitted in with the company’s core identity.”

The company has been inspired by the port that made their hometown a hub of commerce and trade in fruit and spices from all over the world in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The collaborations between companies not only reflect the pride taken in the docks, but also gives back to the surrounding areas and wildlife.

Simon added: “As part of the partnership we’re including a packet of wildflower seeds with all the early batches of the Honey Rum, selected to attract Bees and Butterflies and help maintain and encourage the UK Bee population to thrive.”

Additionally, Salford longshoremen were nicknamed the ‘worker bees’ which ‘fitted so perfectly’.

Like many other businesses, they have been badly affected by the lockdown.

Simon said: “The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have obviously had a big impact on our business.

“We had to adapt to being more of an online retailer in light of the lockdowns using social media marketing.”

Their Dark Spice rum originally launched at Salford Lads Club but lockdown forced an online only launch for the new Honey Rum.

Salford Rum have been keen to keep up community spirit by offering discount codes to key-workers, and those who help keep us all safe, through the website.

Simon said: “It seems to have worked to build a groundswell of support for the business in those groups which we’re very proud of.

“The fact that the honey rum has already sold out so quickly when we haven’t even been able to release samples or even really get the story out is supremely heartening.

“It tells us we already have a dedicated following of people who trust that we know what we’re doing, that we make a quality product that speaks well for the region and that everyone in Salford can feel proud of.”

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