The people of Salford have been asked to raise money to fund a treatment that could help a four-year-old disabled boy walk independently.

Dominic Rado Wade, four, of Lower Broughton, has cerebral palsy in both of his legs, meaning he suffers from tightness, cramps, pains and can’t walk properly.

His parents set up a Just Giving campaign in an effort to raise money for his treatment, called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), as the NHS don’t commission the treatment for young people with level 4 Gross Motor Functions (GMFCS).

help disabled boy walk
(From left to right) Georgia, six, Anthony, 12, Dominic, four, Karl and Gilvana – permission given by Gilvana Redo

The money would go towards the SDR surgery and follow up therapy sessions to encourage and support independent walking, the surgery alone will cost around £16,500, with the family’s goal at £60,000.

SDR surgery aims to treat the muscle stiffness (spasticity) associated with cerebral palsy, and it is accompanied by intensive physiotherapy.

Dominic’s dad, Karl Wade, 37, is his primary carer and looking for work to fit around him, whilst his mum Gilvana Rado, 32, works at Stepping Hill hospital as a Nurse Assistant.

Dominic birthday, help disabled boy walk
Dominic celebrating his fourth birthday – permission given by Gilvana Rado

Karl talked about how Dominic doesn’t let his cerebral palsy define him.

He said: “He’s intelligent and switched on, he’s a happy child. You can talk to him above his years. Where he’s got his disability with his legs he makes up for it in terms of intelligence.

“He wants to be active but he knows that his legs don’t work so he’s trying to find ways around it.”

A recent Facebook post had led to the people of Salford offering their support to Dominic and his family through raffles and gifts, with the proceeds going towards his eventual treatment.

Keri Muldoon, 46, is a community development worker, and has been going to a series of shops in Salford and dropping off collection boxes.

She said: “I got involved as Gilvana inboxed me a message explaining she needed help to get the word out and help them raise funds, so that’s what I’ve tried to do.”

She has a total of nine collection boxes that can be used to help raise funds and is encouraging anyone and everyone to find a place for them.

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Karl was blown away by this response, and the community at large.

He said: “We’re proud and thankful, specifically during the pandemic as people are actually donating to loads of different charities and causes, but as the news mentions this is so difficult right now, but people are pushing themselves to do it.

“Our aim is to push for him to get those steps. It’s for him, not for us. We want him to be independent.”

You can donate the Dominic’s Just Giving page here.

The NHS has been contacted about how they commission SDR treatment, any correspondence will be updated here.

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