Next year, Fran Lebowitz will be giving Salford audiences the opportunity to hear her wax philosophical on a number of topics when she comes to The Lowry theatre in 2022, in her only show UK for that year.

In a world where everyone can broadcast their opinions on anything, Fran Lebowitz stands out as one of the most insightful, and for lack of a better word, unique, social commentators.

The Lowry announced recently that, for a “limited run of dates” next July, the American author, writer and public speaker will be live in conversation sharing her dry wit and social commentary on a wide variety of topics, as a spokesperson for the theatre stated:

“[Fran will] offer insights on such timely issues as gender, race, gay rights, and the media, as well as on her own pet peeves—including celebrity culture, tourists, and baby strollers.”

Although she has been writing about the social construction of 20th century American life since the 1970s, modern audiences will most likely recognise Lebowitz from the 2021 Netflix documentary series, Pretend It’s A City, which saw her guide close friend and director, Martin Scorsese around New York.

During the live show, a select few members of the lucky audience will get the chance to quiz Fran and pick her brain on any number of topics they may want her to comment on, most likely be met with a witty or sarcastic response from the sardonic writer.

The theatre highlighted that “These events promise to be a balm in a wildly shifting world, offering spot-on observations about contemporary living and the opportunity to ask Lebowitz your own controversial questions. Do not miss it!”

Fran Lebowitz will appear live in conversation when she comes to Salford’s Lowry on July 3rd, 2022, and you can book tickets here.


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