The TEDxUniversityofSalford team have offered their thoughts on the future of TEDx at the university based on the feedback they recieved following their first event earlier this month.

The University of Salford held its first ever TEDx event on the 6th March 2021; the fully online event featured a variety of speakers, including the University’s own Professor Andy Miah among other guests from all over the globe, discussing life after the Covid-19 pandemic under the theme ‘New World Normal’.

In a poll conducted after the event 100% of responses stated that they would want to attend any similar events taking place with the University in the future. Digital promotion lead for the event, Louise Mitchell, said that she was amazed with the positive feedback:

“Going by the feedback we received people would really welcome seeing another event that would be similar to what we’ve already produced.

“I think it was generally really really positive, we were very surprised by the comments we received.

“We’re really thankful for everyone engaging in it.”

The event received comments praising it for various reasons; one viewer described the event as, “very educative and quite engaging”, with others praising both the speakers and the intermission entertainment, consisting of a yoga session and a showcase of music from students at the university

Lead engagement for the event, Francis Chidi Akubude, similarly expressed his gratitude for the level of audience engagement:

“A lot of people were retweeting and showing likes,

“It was a really refreshing one and a really encouraging one”

Ms. Mitchell also highlighted a want to reinforce the accessibility of the event in the future, making a point that the digital nature of the event brought a new level of inclusivity for disabled attendees:

“It gives accessibility to people who can’t make it to physical events.

“I would like the future of these events to kind of be more of a hybrid event.

“I’d like to see a mix of both so you can increase accessibility.”

While the team are still “relishing on their success”, they are encouraging more people to get involved with TEDxUniversityofSalford so future events may continue with new ideas and personalities at the table.

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