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The Save Swinton Park Golf Club group has criticised the current club shareholders following the latest bid to purchase the club.

Himor Properties Ltd have made an offer of £3.2m to buy the site from the current shareholders, who closed the club in October.

The current shareholders, headed up by majority shareholder Alan Nuttall, have been looking to sell the club and have recently claimed club operates at a significant loss every year.

This latest bid from Himor is the fourth to come in for the site from developers – following previous bids from Bellway, Peel and YourHousing – for the 96 year old club.

The Chair of Save Swinton Park Golf Club, Dave Marsh, has criticised the current shareholders.

“It’s a tragedy basically, there’s no need for it.

Mr Marsh went on to claim that a council-commissioned report showed the club was profitable.

Save Swinton Park Golf Club
Image Credit: Save Swinton Park Golf Club Facebook

“Every club in the North West is full, turning people away.

“Why would you shut a profitable golf club?”

The Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, wrote to Himor and has told them that the site is not designated for housing in the council’s local housing plan.

The course has been protected by the council as an Asset of Community Value, which means residents will get a first opportunity to put forward a proposal.

This protection, which lasts until 2035, along with the independent viability report, will mean it is unlikely that any planning permission will be accepted before then.

Marsh has also wrote to the developers about the situation, requesting a meeting, but claims they have not responded.

He said: “It like an oasis in an suburban housing area. The ecology and environmental damage it will cause to the residents is huge.

Swinton Park Golf Club
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“It’s a shame the owners and all the shareholders that have supported this.”

On the latest bid from Himor, Marsh says he’s unsure on the future of the club but doesn’t see any houses being built anytime soon.

He said: “I don’t know on what will happen with the bid. If it does go through then you’re just going to end up with 100 acres of recreational land doing nothing for years and years. What’s the point of that?

“I’m 70 at the minute, and I think I’ll be dead before any houses are built on there.”

The group meanwhile has recently set up a page on a crowdfunder website in order to fund legal advice in order to see how the shareholders have undertook the whole process.

The crowdfunder currently stands at almost £4,000, 80% of the £5,000 target.

Anyone wishing to donate can do via the page here.

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