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After a long fundraising period, the Roosters’ new clubhouse is coming to fruition.

On March 15th, construction work for rugby league club Salford City Roosters’ new clubhouse began. A tweet from the Roosters’ twitter announced the beginning of the building work.

The current clubhouse is on Hallsworth Road, separate to the pitches, and is going to be used to develop social housing.

The new building has been made possible by a fund by the World Cup Legacy Fund which was matched by the Salford City Council and the total was further increased by fundraising made by the team and its associates through GoFundMe.

The team also sold its 40 year anniversary apparel to add to the clubhouse fund.

Chris Irwin, chairman of the club, tells us more about the new clubhouse and the future of the Roosters’ club.

Fans of the team are delighted that the new clubhouse is on its way. One fan replied: “Fantastic News, really glad to hear the old place is getting a facelift! Hopefully once this whole Covid thing is over and the work is finished I can get over the border to get a catch up take in a game?!!”

Gill Hughes, a parent of one of the players and an active figure of the club, said: “It’s been a long time coming and its a much-needed resource…the old clubhouse put people off…the new one will be much better to reach out to the community.”

The team continues to raise funds for its clubhouse. They aim to raise £20,000 from their GoFundMe.

Anyone looking to donate to the building of the Salford City Roosters’ new clubhouse can find their GoFundMe page here.



Background image credit: Salford City Roosters

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