A 44-year-old mum from Salford is doing a birthday card appeal for her 23-year-old son with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  

Michelle Winnard wants to surprise her son Reece Winnard with donated cards on his birthday and raise awareness to the life-limiting condition.  

Image credit: Michelle Winnard

She said: “I want to make the project as big as possible because it could be his last birthday.” 

“I try to do special things like this to perk him up because this condition has taken everything from him but he’s not stopped smiling.” 

Reece has been sent 70 cards already from many different countries such as Australia and South Africa.  


Image credit: Michelle Winnard

He will be surprised with the cards on his 24th birthday on the 15th of April.  

Michelle’s brother also suffered with the condition and sadly passed away at 25-years-old.  

Natalie Greenhalgh, a 35-year-old carer for Reece said: “It’s a horrible condition. They seem okay up until a certain point and then they lose the ability to do everything”.” 

“It’s really difficult for families to watch the person they love lose the ability to do any function” 

“When I first met Reece, he was able to walk and now he is in a wheelchair and can only use his fingers.” 

Image credit: Michelle Winnard

100 boys in the UK are born with the disorder, which has a life expectancy of thirty years. 

People with the condition slowly lose their muscle functions but their mind remains unaffected, so they are completely aware.  

There is currently no cure for the genetic condition but it can be managed through treatment.  




If you wish to send a card, more information can be found on the “Cards for Reece” Facebook page.  



  1. Carol winnard

    Reece is my grandson and the pinkie are Amazing. There some Lovely people out there. Can’t wait to see Reece’s Face. Everyone who meets Reece falls in Love with him. A massive Thankyou to everyone one who has got involved. Xx

  2. Debbie Hunter

    Wishing you a birthday Reece
    A special one like you
    You always wear a smile
    Even with what your going through
    You know your very loved
    By all these people around the world
    Sending you your birthday cards
    Your mind will be a whirl
    You know your mum she loves you
    She will always do her best
    To put that beaming smile on
    Just like all the rest
    To send you a special birthday card
    Just to see your face
    From all these different people
    From nearly every place
    You’ll have that many posted
    You’ll be busy all day long
    But one thing is for certain Reece
    You will smile will stay strong
    So heres wishing you a birthday
    To a super strong young man
    Enjoy your loving day bud
    Stay as safe as you can
    Keep on smiling 😁😁😁😁
    Love from Debbie and Family

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