Salford Tabletop Society

Salford University’s Tabletop Society raised more than $2,000 this week for the US charity Game to Grow, through livestreaming games of Dungeons and Dragons.
Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is a collaborative game in which players make up imaginary characters and roll dice to determine their actions.

All proceeds from the Dungeon a Day fundraiser is going to Game to Grow, which uses roleplaying games (RPGs) as a form of therapy to build confidence for people who struggle in social situations, such as those who have autism.

Society member Hollie Greenwood, 19, said: “It’s for a charity that links mental health and tabletop gaming so it fits really well.”

Beth Hill,  21, said: “It’s such a good charity and I’m more than happy to raise money for it.”

Miss Hill understands the emotional benefits of gaming, explaining: “It’s escapism and it’s fun to have a laugh; and it’s a good way to connect with people that you might not necessarily meet normally.”

Salford University Tabletop Society dressed up for Halloween, credit: SU Tabletop Society


Dungeon a Day charity fundraiser for Game to Grow, credit: SU Tabletop Society

John Newhouse, a 24-year-old alumnus of Salford University, organised one of the six gaming sessions.

He believes D&D has improved his mental health.

Mr Newhouse said: “You don’t have to play as yourself so you can therapeutically go through different scenarios and see how this person would react in said scenario without you having to react to the scenario.”

The fundraiser, which ends on March 27, can be viewed on Twitch.TV.


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