Buile Mansion Association group have launched an Easter Egg hunt at Buile Park in Salford.

The aim was to allow children and their families to be able to socialise and do something different.

The hunt involved the children having to find letters that are hanging from the trees.

Participants walk around with their sheets and attempt to uncover the word. Then, they can come back to the Pavilion to collect their chocolate egg.

The Buile Mansion Association has been kindly supported by Kids Planet Day nursery in Salford who donated five giant chocolate eggs. So, they decided to include five golden painted rocks which will be hidden and when they had been found then they can collect their giant egg.



Credit: Buile Mansion Association Team


The team feels as though they had been restricted by the Coronavirus Pandemic because they had loads of different events scheduled for last year that they were unable to do but are now adapting by creating masterclasses and workshops. In the past the group have done veggie rocks where they have made rocks with vegetables painted on them and hidden them in the allotments and then when the children found them were swapped for a healthy snack, which was kindly donated by Tesco.


Markéta Crehan Lážová, Secretary and Events lead stated: “We are so thrilled and so happy that people recognise us and want to support us it just makes you go that extra mile and that all the extra time is worth it and has paid off.”

“The events are still going to be fairly limited still but think that coming May/ June that limits are pretty much gone fully so for the time  the group aim to conduct events in little groups so there’s not many restrictions to cover there.”

“There is a path leading to the pavilion so we’re going to mark that and ask people to stay socially distanced and wear PPE and track and trace and a sheet where people can sign up and hand gel stations and the event because it’s mainly around the park we just need to control when they pick up and put down their sheets and collect their eggs. So, we’re just going to have a little station set up and then obviously the marks on the pavement and encourage social distancing.”

The group also received the funding for the artist to create the wooden sculptures and that it would be done by April to encourage people to go on walks down there. This was done on the back of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the funding is national community lottery funding and was done to encourage people to come to the park to support mental health so the group came up with the wooden sculpture trail and intend to expand on the trail in the future.



People can get in-touch with them on their website, their Facebook or you can come down to the café for a personal chat.

The café’s opening times are Wednesday, Thursday’s and Saturday’s from 12:30-4pm and people can still come during the Coronavirus Pandemic but is takeaway only, orders are served through the window you can either sit somewhere or walk around the park.

Markéta Crehan Lážová Said:” It’s a very lovely, chilled, environment. Very welcoming and very friendly people from all over the world out there.”

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