Prince Philip

Sports clubs across Salford will join tributes to Prince Philip whose funeral will be at 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

Sports fixtures have been rearranged to avoid a clash with the Duke of Edinburgh’s ceremony including Salford City’s game against Tranmere Rovers which has been rescheduled for 12.30pm.

Salford clubs pay respect

This past weekend featured plenty of heartfelt tributes to the Queen’s husband before the games.

Winton Wanderers Dragons under-13s held a minute’s applause in memory of the Duke, who died last Friday, April 9, aged 99.

Irlam Tigers FC also held a minute silence before their game at the weekend.

On social media, Salford Red Devils shared their condolences with a tweet.

Another club paying tribute to Prince Philip was Eccles RFC, which has a longstanding affiliation with the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, created by the Prince to equip young people with life skills and confidence and is a lasting legacy of his work

Salford residents react to rescheduled fixtures

Plenty of people have welcomed the news that sports fixtures have been rescheduled.

One Salford resident said: “I think it’s a great thing to do. My husband is playing cricket and they are stopping just before three for a minute’s silence and then will break for tea until the funeral has finished. Respect costs nothing.”

Another resident, Jamie Smith, shared the sentiment: “I could understand people being inconvenienced if they’d actually made plans to attend games but with Covid that’s not an issue.”

One resident said: “He was king in all but name so his funeral should be treated as such.”

Paul Ferguson, who runs a local team on Saturdays, said: “It’s not a problem. I’d rather pay my respects.”

However, others are not happy about the rescheduling.

Darren Seddon said: “Personally I’ll carry on as normal. It’s a normal day for me. I have no interest in the media coverage.”

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