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A Greek catering business has been launched in Salford during the lockdowns.

Pieces of Heaven is a start-up from chef Debbie Dimopoulou who has worked not only at 5* hotels in Greece but also in Manchester restaurants including The Alchemist, Carluccio’s and Hawksmoor.  She makes Greek traditional pies alongside traditional dishes.

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Credit:  ‘Pieces of Heaven”

Debbie says: “I had the opportunity to build strong relationships with my clients during the lockdowns.

“I did not receive any funding for the business, I am working in a restaurant and took furlough.

“I am creative, enthusiastic, experienced, and committed to quality. I am not cooking; I create memories with love using the secret ingredients that I learnt helping my mum in the kitchen.”

You can watch a clip with a sample of Debbie’s creations:

Credit:  Barbara Langley with permission to use by Debbie Dimopoulou

Debbie supplies local coffee/tea shops, caters for small events between 10 and 15 people and parties.  She is also delivering take-away. Customers can pre-order at least one day in advance.

She is committed to high standards of preparation with quality fresh ingredients.

“There is no dish to be pre-cooked or frozen in my kitchen,” she said.

“Every meal is cooked to meet the customer’s specific needs such as diet, allergies, salt or sugar,” she added.

She is also organising cooking classes for all levels.

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Credit: Debbie Dimopoulou

You can follow Debbie on Facebook and Instagram


  1. Had a pleasure of tasting some of Debbie’s pastery back when we worked together and it’s fantastic. Highly recommended!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so happy that you remember my cooking. Love is the basic ingredient.

  2. I would never hope to find such delicious cooking that reminds me of my mother’s and grandmother’s dishes in Manchester, but I did!
    Amazing cooking by Debbie that brings sweet memories of my childhood.
    Thank you Debbie.

    • Thank you Achilles from your lovely comment. I am so so happy to serve only the very best for all of you and your families. Thank you for your trust.

  3. Debbie’s food takes me back to warm evenings in Greece. Everything made from scratch and you can tell that this is 100% authentic! The best Greek food I’ve ever had (and I lived in Greece for two years)

    • Thank you so so much for your kindness and support. I really appreciate your comments. I always put all my love, my passion and care in everything i make.

  4. I’ve been following Debbie for years on social media and I have learnt how to cook through her recipes. Glad to see she’s about to rock the UK with her skills and imagination. Go girl! Wish you the best of luck!
    I envy those guys who will have the chance to experience your tasty creations, kisses!

    • Thank you so so much for your kind words. I am so so happy to know that you read my recipes. I am ready for the next step and love is my ingredient.

  5. Very good food, tasty with fresh ingredients and no nasty things inside. Traditional recipes and tastes from Greece in Manchester :). Do not hesitate to order food from Debbie as she will go over and beyond to satisfy your taste and expectations!

  6. Anastasia D.

    This is by far the best food you can have in Manchester. Debbie is an amazing chef, making her dishes from scratch! You definitely don’t want to miss out on her incredibly tasty & fresh creations!

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