Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most of us need the energy it gives us to set ourselves up for a successful day.

Whilst in an ideal world you’d have enough time to prepare and eat your meal before visiting Media City for work or studies, this isn’t always possible.

So, if you find yourself needed a quick and tasty breakfast on your way into the Quays, here’s Salford Now’s guide to breakfast:

Costa Coffee is situated between the BBC buildings and opens at 7am on weekdays. Though its breakfast range is minimal, the sausage or bacon baps are popular amongst the workers of Media City. For those wanting a healthier option, there’s the Egg, Mushroom and Spinach bap.

Similarly, Pret a Manger offers over the counter hot breakfast goods like baguettes and rolls. There are slightly more options at Pret, with yoghurt bowls and porridges also being a nutritional option in the morning. There is also a membership card scheme that can grant you up to five drinks a day; meaning you can grab one for breakfast and on your lunch break too.

For those in more of a rush or wanting something to save to eat throughout the morning, express supermarkets offer pre-made meals and snacks. The recent closure of Booths was heartbreaking for people that frequent Media City, as its hot food counter was well regarded by most.

The local Sainsburys just along the tram route offers some relief, with breakfast meal deals and bakery options. There is also a Tesco Express, albeit a slightly longer 15-minute walk from the Media City. If you’ve got time to kill in the morning it’s a lovely stroll along the Quays to the store, but its not ideal for those rushed breakfasts.

For students at the University of Salford’s Media City Campus, there is Salfood on the bottom floor that offers warm breakfast sandwiches, snacks and Starbucks drinks too, if you need a caffeine hit.

If you can’t or don’t want to prepare your own breakfast at home, Media City has enough options to satisfy all dietary needs and food-based desires. There’s even enough to try a different one every day.

If you know any hidden gems for breakfast in the area, share it with us on our socials.

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