entrance to Salford Museum and art gallery

Salford Museum and Art Gallery will be welcoming visitors back after shutting for five months due to the pandemic.

Visitors will be able to visit the gallery on May 29.

A new booking system will be released for visitors to book in advance time slots to view exhibitions. This has been anticipated to be released on the 15 May.

Salford Museum and Art Gallery had to close their doors during the COVID19 national lockdown on the 4th November 2020. Next month will be the first time the gallery will be finally open to the public in 24 weeks.

Throughout the lockdown, Salford Museum and Art Gallery have been interacting with the public on their social media with online workshops. Inspired by the Pilkington’s Pottery collection, templates can be downloaded on the Museum’s school holidays tab.

The museum offers a range of exhibitions for all to enjoy including a re-creation of a typical northern street during Victorian times. Lark Hill Place, originally created in 1957 uses restored shop fronts and authentic objects to show the development through time.

Containing over 10,000 historical artefacts, Salford Museum and Art Gallery have also confirmed there will be two new exhibitions released for the public to enjoy.

Depending on the roadmap restrictions, this could subject to change due to Government restrictions changing.

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