A former gang member has warned reprisals are likely to take place following the recent stabbing in Salford.

He insists that local support will now be key in stopping further violence from being committed.

Police were called to a report of a stabbing on Peveril Road at 8:15pm on the April 21, where they found a boy with a chest wound, who later died.

They were later called to an address on Stowe Street to find a second boy had been stabbed in the arm.

The 17-year-old had already left the scene for the hospital, where the officers eventually arrested him on suspicion of murder.

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Former London Gangster, Robert Bragg, said: “The reason why there’s more to come is because, you have to think of the mindset of a gang member, the mindset of someone who is violent in particular. They’re mindset isn’t the normal mindset of someone who is working 9-5, so if they’ve been stabbed, they’re going to be thinking about getting revenge, because if they don’t, the rival gang is going to class them as weak.

When asked what can be done to help young people avoid a life of violence, Bragg said: “First and foremost the young person needs to recognise that there’s more to life, and have a sense of hope that they have the ability to change. A lot of young people that are in a gang, or involved in crime, are lost, and for them I think they need to meet someone that has made the choices that they’ve made, come out the other side and is now willing to help.

Robert Bragg joined a Gang at 12-years-old as his loveless home life left him vulnerable to a gang’s proposal, after they had recognised his “ability to fight”.

After spending over a decade in a gang, and many of those years in prison, Robert Bragg has used religion as a tool to escape from a life of crime.

He now runs ‘The Metanoia Project’, which helps troubled youths avoid the life he so sadly couldn’t.

To  watch the full interview, and learn about the entirety of Robert Bragg’s story, click the video below.


Anyone with information on the Salford stabbing should call 101 quoting incident 2921 of 21/04/2021. Details can be passed anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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