I can imagine by now you’ve all heard that Aldi are at a ‘social war’ with M&S, due to their funny memes currently taking over the internet.

M&S took matters to court as they felt that Cuthbert had ‘infringed’ Colin’s trademark due to looking overly similar.

However, Aldi took to Facebook saying that they are standing against “caterpillar cruelty” and wanted Colin and Cuthbert to be “besties” to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and M&S’s partner Macmillan Cancer Support.



Unfortunately, M&S was not pleased…


Aldi declared #caterpillarsforcancer, an idea to get other supermarkets involved by writing on Twitter:

“Morning @Tesco @sainsburys @asda @Morrisons @waitrose @coopuk. Cuthbert needs the help of Curly, Clyde, Cecil, Charlie, Morris and Wiggles. Caterpillars clubbing together to raise money for charity, not lawyers. #caterpillarsforcancer. Up for it making a mockery of M&S by getting Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Asda, Co-op and Morrisons.”



To which Waitrose supported Aldi and responded: “Cecil is a caterpillar of the community… count us in!”


Salfordians express their opinions in survey


Salfordians taken a survey to express their opinions on who, (if any) they thought was in the right

One said: “Clearly M&S are in the right. Morally Aldi are much cheaper but…”

Another stated: “EVERY supermarket has a caterpillar cake, Aldi is not the only one. It’s like having a copyright claim on a Victoria sponge.”


Is this particular court case a strange one? 

One said: “It’s just a cake! The cakes have been around for years, so I wonder why M&S choose to bring it up now. Probably a stunt or money or publicity.”

Another stated:” M&S need to protect their rights.”

Another said:” Because it’s cake vs cake, shop vs shop, but it seems to be deeper than that. A dying supermarket’s last grasp of relevancy before suffering the same fate as Debenhams.”


Do you agree with the mockery of Aldi’s mockery of M&S?

One commented: “it’s light-hearted banter for some but for others it’s a burning indictment of M&S a retailer already struggling.”

Another said: “Yes it’s hilarious and brings light to the situation #TeamCuthbert”.

Another disagreed and stated:” No they need to grow up!”


The results from the survey are shown below:

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