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A Salford graduate is launching herself out of a plane to repay The Christie for the help and treatment that the charity has provided with her mother’s battle with cancer.

Johannah Winstanley, 25, is taking part in a skydive from 11,000 feet high to take place on 19th of June to raise funds for and support The Christie and their work.

The Christie charity is one of the largest hospitals in the UK providing treatment, support and care for cancer patients.

Johannah’s mother, Christine Ryder is one of many patients that the Christie has offered support to and has been treated for 13 years now by the charity.

Christine Ryder

In a statement on the ‘JustGiving’ page Johannah said, “Those who know me well will know my mum has had it rough.

“In 2008 she was diagnosed with Grade 3 Breast Cancer. After a mastectomy and chemotherapy, she was ‘No Evidence of Disease’ (NED).

“After celebrating 10 years cancer-free, in 2018 she was diagnosed again, this time with Secondary Breast Cancer with metastases to the lymph, nodes, lungs, liver, bones and bowel.

“Sadly, she is incurable [but she] would not be here if it weren’t for them, it’s that simple. We are so lucky to have this wonderful facility on our doorstep and so it’s about damn time we repay them!”



Over the past year, like most charities The Christie has really struggled; unable to host fundraisers and having to close their doors to the charity shops due to health and safety regulations during the pandemic.

But Winstanley is determined to help and support the charity in whatever way she can and to repay them for the treatment provided for her mother and other cancer patients around the UK.

Johannah said, “There has been a massive drop in donations and these charities rely on donations to continue the vital support that they give to people.

“It’s difficult to choose just one charity when so many of them have been struggling but The Christie is personal to me.

“And of course if people are considering donating to charity, choose one that’s close to your heart as well”.

The support Johannah has received in terms of donations, both cash and online as well as positive messages and words of encourgament have been amazing she says.

“I couldn’t have even imagined it, I think I put the post up on Sunday evening and within 24 hours I passed the mid way point!

“And since then they have just kind of come in, which takes me over the £500 mark so I think I’m going to have to move the goal post a little bit further. And just keep bringing those donations in.

“But it’s not only been the monetary support, the well wishes and support from people has been amazing, it’s so overwhelming and there’s no backing out now”.

So far, Johannah has raised over £500 and hopes to raise £1000 in donations by June 19th.

For more information on Johanna’s fundraiser for The Christie, her mother’s battle with cancer and to donate can be found on her JustGiving page.

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