Lizzie Patizzerie

After starting her business in the first lockdown, the owner of Lizzie Patizzerie has racked up millions of views on TikTok and Instagram from her kitchen in Swinton.

Lizzie Johnston, 23, set up her baking business at the start of the pandemic and is now sharing her skills on Instagram reels and Tiktok to teach others some of her tips and tricks.

Lizzie Patizzerie
Image Credit: @Lizziepatizzerie

She said: “I was a graduate looking for jobs and working at a bar. The lockdown came at the worst time for me as I was just about to move to London and start my Journalism career, I’m lucky that I had my business to focus on.

“Not sure what I would be doing without it.”

Lizzie now splits her time between completing her masters degree in publishing and creating content, completing orders and practising her skills for her thriving business.

With a long list of products such as mini cakes, brownies, macarons, blondies, tiered cakes and even dog birthday cakes, Lizzie has gained a following of more than 4,900 people across Instagram and TikTok.

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Being a self- taught baker, she shares her progress on social media with one of her improvement videos reaching almost 1.5 million views on TikTok.

“No training, just self-taught. I’ve spent a lot of time watching tutorials on YouTube, looking up new techniques and I’m a big fan of Bake Off and always remember the little tips and tricks they use.

“I’ve only done courses in food hygiene and health and safety to set up my business properly.”

Her tutorials and hacks on one of Instagram’s newest features; reels, reach thousands by offering a wide range of recipes to follow along with as well as showing how she decorates each intricate bake.

She said: “It’s crazy to put some of those numbers into perspective, but it’s such a great feeling to know that people enjoy my content and I love seeing the growth and learning, what works and setting myself new targets to reach.”

Image Credit: @Lizziepatizzerie

Inspired throughout her childhood to get into baking by her grandmother, who made wedding cakes, Lizzie described her as “an amazing cake artist”.

She remembers her first baking ventures following in her grandma’s footsteps, being that of fairy cakes and animal biscuits.

Branching out after restrictions lifting, Lizzie decided to take her business to the streets. She now frequently works the Lowry and Sale makers markets where Lizzie Patizzerie products thrive.

She said: “I love the markets. It’s so lovely to chat with people about my bakes and I’ve got quite a few regulars so it’s always nice to see familiar faces.

“I get such an adrenaline rush from working them, especially when it’s busy and the weather is nice, that puts people in a great mood.”

Image Credit: @Lizziepatizzerie

With high hopes for her business in the future, Lizzie is thinking of different ways to progress.

She said: “There’s the option of doing postal orders and having stalls at more markets, but I’d really love to use my degrees and the baking together to make Lizzie Patizzerie become my dream career.

“I don’t know whether this is food journalism, cookbooks or opening a shop…. but I’m excited to see where it’ll go.”

In the run up to Lizzie Patizzerie’s one year anniversary this May, Lizzie is hoping to create a celebration cake to mark the milestone and share with her followers.

To place an order with Lizzie Patizzerie, or to check out her baking tutorials, visit her Instagram and TikTok.

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