Salford Green Party is aiming for a first council seat in the May 6 local elections.

The Greens hope to build on their 2019 performance where they averaged just over 11 per cent of the vote in the wards they contested but did come second in some.

They have a whole raft of more environmentally-friendly policies for Salford but also include a call to save money by abolishing the role of elected Mayor.

The Manifesto

Parking and air pollution – They wish to deal with obstructions for pedestrians, and to put Salford residents first. They want to continue to work on the Clean Air Campaign.

Home regeneration, not home building – The Greens want to improve existing housing, that way jobs can be created without encroaching on to green belt land.

Employment, unpaid work, and wellbeing – They support a four-day work week, working from home, and cycling to and from work, helped by subsidised cycling schemes. Dealing with waste and fly-tipping would also improve wellbeing, they argue.

Green jobs – The Greens want to generate more jobs in sectors that will help to provide a green environment such as solar power.

Development or growth? – They want to develop human wellbeing as opposed to increasing consumer items. That includes fewer tower blocks, and more affordable and family homes.

Recycling – Greens favour increasing recycling among local restaurants and local businesses, and encourage use of local produce and suppliers.

Demote airports and promote buses – They feel that airports are unsustainable and want a local tax on parking planes. They also favour a better bus service.

No Mayoral precept in council tax – Greens feel that the cost of the Mayoral system can be better used in other areas and favour abolishing the role via a referendum.

Wendy Olsen for Mayor and for council

Wendy Olsen, who is running for both Mayor and councillor, talked about the Green Party vision for Salford.

She said: “We stand for Universal Basic Income. It’s money in the hands of domestic workers.

“It would be helpful for women, mothers, parents, those on furlough, those with disabilities.

“I’ve heard that one-fifth of British people have a disability, at the moment they’re having to apply as a disabled person for benefits related to their disability.

“We would say it should be universal. Everyone should be getting enough to live on with that secure base. Then we could consider suitable work.

“It’s certainly feasible. The spending by the government during the pandemic has proven that it was always a myth to say that we had to have austerity.”

The Green Party Candidates

Salford City Mayor – Wendy Olsen

The other Mayoral candidates are:

  • Stuart Antony Cremins –  (Ind)
  • Paul Dennett – (Lab)
  • Stephen Stuart Ord – (Ind)
  • Jake Overend – (Lib Dem)
  • Arnie Saunders – (Con)

Green candidates in council wards

Barton and Winton – Jenna Sayer

Blackfriars and Trinity – Wendy Olsen, Christopher Seed and Michael Wharton

Boothstown and Ellenbrook – Diana Joy Battersby

Broughton – David Jones

Claremont – Robert Stephenson

Eccles – Clive Hamilton

Kersal and Broughton Park –  Jane Ransley

Little Hulton – Stuart Oxbrow

Ordsall – Nicola Smith

Pendlebury and Clifton – Peter Mulleady

Pendleton and Charlestown – Andrew Nadin

Quays – Lucy Masters, James Thomas

Swinton Park – Howard Balkind

Walkden North – Frederick Battersby

Walkden South – Thomas Dylan

Worsley and Westwood Park – Christopher Bertenshaw

See the full list of candidates in all wards here

(Photo credit: Wendy Olsen)

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