A new political party that proposes a breakaway North is hoping to win council seats in Salford in the local elections tomorrow.

Luke Blaylock, media chief at the newly-formed Northern Independence Party, says Westminster isn’t serving the needs of people from the north of England.

The party is fielding two candidates in Salford – Oliver Youd and George Broadley, who are both listed as independent candidates in the Pendleton and Charlestown ward, which has a high student population. They are up against candidates from Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

The Northern Independence Party’s plans for the local economy include plural ownership of the economy and socially productive use of land and property.

It also wants to extend the tram service further across Salford, including to the Precinct area.

Winning seats in cities like Salford is a key target for the party, said Mr Blaylock.

He stated: “Our goal has been to win local seats. We’re all northerners, we’re all normal, ordinary, people and we can’t really rely on Westminster.”

He added: “We want to rebuild our community so local seats are important.”

The party wants to address regional inequality of how power works in the UK by calling for an independent northern England.

Mr Blaylock said the party’s vision was about community wealth building; keeping wealth in communities.

The left-wing party is particularly targetting ex-Labour voters but has also found interest from those who have voted Conservative and people who don’t vote.

Mr Blaylock said: “We feel very strongly about the regions that we’ve got. We feel that especially the established parties come across very London-centric so it’s important for the north to have a party.”

The full list of candidates standing for the three council seats in Pendleton and Charlestown are:

  • Michele Barnes (Lab)
  • George Walter Broadley  (Ind)
  • Avrohom Shloime Lederberger (Con)
  • Samantha Elizabeth McAntagart (Con)
  • Andrew Nadin (Green)
  • Wilson Nkurunziza (Lab)
  • John Robert Nuttall (Lib Dem)
  • John David Warmisham (Lab)
  • Oliver Robin Youd (Ind)

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