Manchester Arena bombing

A Salford mum has been crocheting hearts and a post box topper to put around the city as a tribute to those who died in the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

Sarah Sharples, 38, was inspired by a Facebook group called #aheart4mcr, where people make crochet, knit, stitched or other craft hearts that are then displayed across the city.

Sarah from Swinton said: “I’ve got 208 at the minute, I’m hoping to have 300 by next week and then my friend’s got 100 that she did, so I’m going to put them in the local park.

“So that post box topper I’m going to swap the other one to fit with that but there’s a bee on the top for Manchester and then I’ve put 22 hearts on it which is for the 22 victims, but I’ll put that on the post box to explain.”

The post box topper will be displayed on May 22, the fourth anniversary of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing where 22 people died.

Her current post box topper is blue with fish on it and was influenced from a Facebook group called A Random Act of Crochet Kindness.

She added: “I had to go out and measure the post box and try to figure out how to do it, but the comments I’ve had from that quite a few people have stopped me in the street because I’m forever checking it.”

Sarah first started hiding her crochet around Salford in February for Random Act of Kindness Day. Since then she has made ducks, rainbows, ladybugs and starfish for people to find around Media City UK and Lightoaks park.

She said: “The more I’ve left, the more posts I’ve seen and I try and put them in the fairy garden at media city and people say my little girls found it and she thinks the fairies have left it.

“It’s got a bit addictive really because it’s so nice to read these comments, so I’ve just been doing it each week from then.”


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