Jenny Berry

A Salford poet, Jenny Berry, is on a mission to help the homeless.

Jenny Berry has collaborated with the Homeless House charity to offer the workshops on Fridays 12pm-2pm as of tomorrow.

Jenny Berry, 37, said: “I intend to help give confidence to the homeless to help them tell their story positively. Every part of society is important, and every human being deserves an outlet.”

The workshop named ‘Word On The Streets’ will be held at The Arc in Manchester.

It is part of Homeless House’s campaign to make #Kindnesscool.

Antonia Gough, Founder, Homeless House said: “I believe everyone deserves a voice, it is

wonderful to have the support to be able to provide this platform and to be able to raise

awareness and provide support through the publication of all the work created.”

The poetry programme is also supported by Delphi and sponsored by the online fashion e-tailer, I Saw It First.

Louis Wild, Service Manager, Delphi, said: “Delphi are so glad to be part of supporting the word

on the street project.

“Just to see people engage in poetry to help express their story and build confidence is a real pleasure for Delphi.”

Jenny Berry’s book ‘The Great Escape’ Inspired this initiative to help the homeless through poetry in the same way Jenny helped prisoners in Forrest Bank prison.

After six years of using poetry with prisoners, Jenny says she knows first-hand how important it is to have the skills to express yourself.

The workshops will continue for twelve months thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

You can have a look at some of Jenny’s poetry here:

And for client registration, you can go to


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