Salford Lads Club women

The famous Salford Lads’ Club has now set up a football team for girls to encourage local youngsters to get involved with the sport.

The team will begin this July and will be using the astroturf pitches in Ordsall for both training and playing matches.

The club will be catering to two different age ranges including seven to 11-year-olds and 12 to 15-year-olds.

Training will take place one evening a week starting in July and August at the Ordsall training pitches.

Lauren Garner, a volunteer at Salford Lads’ Club, said: “Some of the girls had mentioned that they were interested in playing football which started the idea for setting up the first-ever girl’s football team.”

With the club only recently making this decision they have already received some interest from parents wanting to get their kids involved.

Ms Garner said: “We’ve had quite a few responses already with people calling up wanting to join the club we’ll also be contacting local schools to see if we can promote it that way.”

“We’re just trying to get the word out there really for the girls to be aware that it’s open to anyone of any ability that wants to come and join in.”

Salford Lads’ Club, which was founded in 1903, has a rich history of catering to the young people of the area.

As well as running a football team it also hosts many events and has organised trips away for the children over the years.

Ms Garner said: “If we get a lot of responses soon as it’s only early May we may set up some more training sessions at the end of June.”

To find out more about getting involved contact the club at or for more information check out the full interview below.

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