Hundreds of Salford snaps from the 1960s will feature in a new exhibition ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ as soon the city’s Museum and Art Galley can open after lockdown.

The photographs were taken by George Shepherd, an amateur photographer from Eccles, who captured the vibrant character of the area through his camera.

Lincoln Street, Eccles, 1950s. Credit: George Shepherd

The photographs were never printed out and had been forgotten for more than 50 years until they were rediscovered and saved by his daughter Angela.

Angela Shepherd said: “I am proud of my dad and cannot wait for the exhibition to open.

“I’m hoping that people will recognise themselves or family members in the photos and come forward and share their memories of a bygone era.”

Demolition work in Salford, Exchange Station in the background. Credit: George Shepherd

Shepherd’s work has previously appeared in an exhibition at Eccles Community Gallery in 2019, displaying the life of Eccles people.

More of his work can be found on his Twitter page @PhotosShepherd

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