Starting the summer off to a rocking start, DJ Paul Ezi Eden presents tribute band ‘Woasis’ and ‘MCR ROCKS FEST’  at Pendlebury Social Club.

DJ Paul Ezi Eden is a local DJ who has his own radio show ‘MCR ROCKS’, which features on Indie Rocks Radio.

After hosting multiple events and getting so many requests, he decided to make a night of it, which is when MCR ROCKS FEST was born.

Excited about his two upcoming events, Paul said: “I’m getting a bit ahead of myself really, but I wanted to give the people what they want.”

MCR ROCKS FEST, which is on August 21, will feature the likes of Clint Boon, Vince Vega, British singer Melanie Williams and many more, plus Paul as resident DJ.

Far left – Vince Vega
Middle left – Melanie Williams
Middle right – MC Tunes
Far right – DJ Ezi Eden
Photo credit: Paul Eden

Paul said: “I’ve worked with most of these people before at other events, including Clint Boon many a times.

“There’s loads of things we’ve done together and had cracking nights, then it just stopped, so I’m looking forward to seeing everybody and having that party atmosphere again.”

The night promises a club-style environment where the DJs will play the best in House and ‘Old Skool’ music.

There will be a main stage with two extra rooms but the most exciting part would have to be the rave igloo, brought to you in collaboration with iGLOO Events.

The igloo itself can fit between 170-200 people with the main room being able to fit 250 comfortably. Making it a spacious environment to travel from room to room.

iGloo which will feature at the MCR ROCKS FEST.
Photo credit: Paul Eden

Paul is planning on making it a yearly event. He added:  “I don’t see why not, the appetite we’ve got right now is overwhelming so I would say yeah, I’d say if not yearly, maybe twice a year.”

Mentioned second but never last is tribute band ‘Woasis’, supported by up and coming DJ, Jace Campbell. The two will be playing on July 17 and DJ Ezi Eden will also be at the event.

When asked who he is looking forward most to seeing, Paul said: “The Woasis guys are fantastic and I’m looking forward to gigging with them.

“I’m excited to do a gig with young Jace because I think he’s got a big future and to get on one of his gigs at the start is something special.”

Paul met ‘Woasis’ a couple of years ago, he said: “I’ve been dying for the chance to work with them.

“So when the opportunity came to do a gig with them, I jumped at the chance and booked them in at the social club.

“They’re even headlining at the Field Of Gold Festival later this year.”

With restrictions being lifted, Paul is definitely looking forward to the future and planning many more events like this for our local community.

The Pendlebury Social Club is currently undergoing renovations to make itself more modern and club-like. Ready to welcome you and upcoming local artists in the near future.

Tickets at both events are currently on sale for only £10 each but prices may vary closer to the time and on the door.

Tickets can be purchased here:



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