Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has congratulated Paul Dennett on his re-election as Mayor in the Salford elections 2021 on an otherwise bruising night for the party. 

Voters headed for the polls on the 6th May to cast their votes for the Salford elections for local Mayor and for their wards councilors.

The local elections were seen as a chance for Keir Starmer’s Labour Party to prove they were on the right track and make some gains against the incumbent majority in Parliament as is often the case for the opposition.

However, this did not end up being the case in the majority of the country. The Conservatives were able to make a net gain of 12 councils, while Labour lost 8.

In Greater Manchester and in Salford Labour achieved some of their most impressive results for the country, with much praise for Andy Burnham and Paul Dennett.

This has to lead many people to suggest that a left-wing economic platform is the key to getting Labour back on its feet.


A Good Night for the Mayor

Paul Dennett was elected in the first round of the City Mayor election. He managed to increase his share of the vote by 10% up to 59%.

In second and third place were Arnie Saunders for the Conservatives, and Wendy Olsen for the Greens.

They achieved 23.36% and 8.75% of the vote respectively.

Eyes will now turn to the Mayor to make sure he keeps this momentum and achieve his goals particularly in pledging to build more social housing to tackle the lengthy waiting list.

In the Salford elections 2021, Dennett also pledged to push the ‘Green Agenda’ which seems likely to be at the forefront of his plans as the Green Party came away with a 125% rise in their number of sitting councillors in England.


The New Wards

The newly formed wards of; Barton and Winton, Blackfriars and Trinity, Cardishead and Lower Irlam, Pendlebury and Clifton, Pendlebury and Charlestown, Quays, Swinton and Wardley, and Swinton Park all voted Labour, as their former wards did in 2019.

In 2019 an Independent candidate had secured the Irlam ward but in the new ward of Higher Irlam and Peel Green Labour gained seats this time around.

Arnie Saunders had secured his spot for the Conservatives in Kersal in 2019, and last week he retained it in the new Kersal and Broughton Park ward, alongside fellow Conservative Ari Leitner. As well as Avrohom Walter winning the remaining seat for the Liberal Democrats for the first time in Salford in 11 years.

Worsley and Westwood Park saw Robin Garrido and Karen Garrido win seats for the Conservatives, and Tony Davies for Labour.


All the Rest

Boothstown and Ellenbrook saw a Conservative hold with a noticeably high voter turnout comparatively.

While; Broughton, Claremont, Eccles, Little Hulton, Ordsall, Walkden North, Walkden South, and Weaste and Seedley all saw Labour holds.


The Salford elections 2021 saw a slight rise in average turnout per ward compared to 2019 up to 28.4% from 26.4%. This went some way to reverse the trend of lower turnout each local election that has been accumulating in the past few years.

Turnout for the City Mayor was only fractionally higher at around 28.8%.


Featured image – Screenshot from Salford City Council livestream



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