A woman from Swinton has raised £300 on a GoFundMe page to replace the money from an elderly woman’s stolen bag.

The 88-year-old had her bag stolen whilst she was driving up Chorley Road on her mobility scooter on April 30, the person taking £500 and spending £30 on her card, which was thought to have been used on Worsley Road.

Belinda Robinson was so appalled by this that she set up the GoFundMe page to raise money.

She said: “The reason I wanted to do this was because it made me feel so upset to think people could stoop so low, why would anyone want to put so much fear and stress into another person, especially an 89-year-old lady.

Belinda Robinson. Raised £300 on go fund me.

“I started the GoFundMe, then the lady’s granddaughter started one too, I don’t think she realised I was doing it at that point.

“We all raised £300 but Facebook took £48 pounds in fees, that’s why originally, I wanted to do it through my PayPal account but understandably people who didn’t know me were dubious about doing it that way, I hadn’t thought about how it made me feel, just how I could help.”

She added: “The majority of Swinton folk have always come together when needed, even as a child our parents and grandparents were the same.

“So no I’m not surprised with the results and the support.

“Again, I’ve never thought about it, It just comes naturally to Swinton folk to want to help each other even if they don’t know you, I’ve always been proud to be part of the Swinton community, We have a sense of pride, a need and want to help, and the majority know everyone I am proud of where I was brought up, like everywhere things change and we don’t always like that, but the genuine people don’t.”

People of Swinton were outraged and some took to Facebook, one said: “This makes me so sad! Hope whoever did it is found! Vile people!”

Another said: “I hope the lady is alright, makes my blood boil surely there was people about when it happened?

“Nobody helped? Need to work for a living like decent people do.”

“The point is the poor lady might be to scared to go out again now this has happened they don’t realise what the knock on effect has on people when the scumbags stoop so low I hope they get caught soon.”


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