Swinton Poolhall owner Dave Spencer is delighted to be back after reopening for the first time since October.

The poolhall finally opened its doors last Monday (May 17) following the latest coronavirus lockdown restrictions being lifted nationally.

Spencer, 57, who expressed last month the need to reopen, has revealed that the first week back in business has gone well.

The gym at Swinton Poolhall

He said: “The first day, in particular, was exceptional. I think everyone just wanted to come down and play our sports rather than just drink in an outside beer garden.

“This successful first day was followed up by a nice progression during the week, all of which was very positive.

“It’s just nice to see snooker, pool and the other leisure sports we offer are still in people’s minds.”

The Wellington Road venue has been open for 42 years, and offers a range of leisure sports including snooker, darts, pool and bowls, as well as a gym.

And it regularly shows live sport on its multitude of TV screens in the fully-refurbished bar.

Spencer believes the poolhall has plenty to offer, which he explains in the video below, along with his thoughts on the future of the poolhall.

Furthermore, Spencer, who is related to the late former snooker world champion John Spencer, admitted that he did not know what to expect when reopening, with this being the longest the poolhall has ever been shut.

He admitted: “You always fear the worst. The trouble is thinking do people get fixated with sitting at home playing computer games or watching soaps, so from that point of view I’m pleased.

“It’s just nice to know people haven’t forgot about us. It would be nice to reel a few more people in but I think come June 21 it will be there.”

Government guidelines currently state that indoor hospitality can only operate via a table service, so from that point of view the poolhall can not fully operate how it used to.

The refurbished bar at Swinton Poolhall

Spencer believes this is having an impact on the amount of people visiting, but is excited for the restrictions to be fully lifted on June 21.

He said: “People want space they can freely use, you look around now everyone is wearing masks and sitting down, and people like the freedom of going to the bar, having a chat and just moving about.

“So I think until the guidelines are fully relaxed we won’t see the full potential but hopefully we will get there.”

Swinton Poolhall

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