We all knew it, but now it is official- Salford is one of the most stylish cities in the United Kingdom.

Ranking higher than London, our beloved city has a lot to offer from the precincts to the cathedral.

Salford has finished 3rd behind Bath and Chester, above the likes of London and York.

It is no surprise to us that Salfordians that the city is ranked so high, but what is there to love about Salford?

It’s packed with culture with Salford Cathedral and the Lowry theatre that sits on the Quays next to the Outlet.

Attracting audiences throughout the year the theatre hosts an entire range of performances.

One of the most famous assets of Salford is the famous Media City.

A media hotspot, the area is home to BBC Northwest and ITV Granada.

In a recent study by Dowsing & Reynolds the interior design company looked at the following:

Cultural Infrastructure

Interest in style (interior)

Future Potential


On twitter @seankcasey has said:” I think a nice walk around the preeky probably won it for us.”

Another @truenorthangel: “You’re next door to Manchester”

However, there is some disbelief with @ellencross02 claiming: “just not true”.

It’s not just architecture style in Salford, the residents have been praised for their home style by interior designer, Xander Shreenan said: “We’ve seen Salford residents search for ways to vamp up their living room lighting and design, suggesting this room in particular has been a focus for them when it comes to sprucing up their homes”.

The top ten stylish cities:







St Albans



Brighton & Hove

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