Salford Vitamin Store

The owner of a vitamin store in Salford says it has been particularly badly hit by the enforced closure of gyms during lockdown.

Vitamin Store Salford specialises in supplements including protein powders, muscle gainers and creatines so misses out enormously when gymgoers have not been around.

Owner Adam Furdak said:

“As soon as the gyms were closed people stopped exercising which meant we had less income due to less customers in the shop.

“However, we were open, but not full time because there was no one to open the business to. We were open for four hours a day during the lockdowns.”



Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

With the easing of lockdown conditions Mr Furdak spoke about recent plans of the store.

He added: “Recently, we have teamed up with Perfect You Aesthetic Clinic who are fully trained in IV drips.

“We changed one of our rooms into a little clinic and they come twice a week, Mondays and Fridays.

“We hope to focus on the new clinic and the store now gyms are open.”

Thomas Coyle, cross fit coach at RX gym, said:

“Im happy to finally be back at the gym and back to training after a few months off due to the pandemic.

“Fitness is important to me as I love to help others on their own path in finding a love with Cross Fit.

“I will be visiting the store to aid my training and current fitness journey.”

Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

In November 2020, Salford Vitamin Store also opened up an online store to fit with the demands of customers in line with the current pandemic.

Mr Furdak said:

“We believe in integration with the customer and providing good advice and customer service therefore we adapted our store by introducing a new website.”

To visit the website please follow: or visit them in store at Unit 2 Broughton Rd, Manchester, Salford M6 6GG.

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