Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennet announced that Salford has secured 865 BEIS roles to relocate a couple of weeks ago, creating a surge of job opportunities.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Home Office (BEIS) will relocate 3,000 positions out of London over the next four years, boosting local economies.

The Mayor said “The BBC was the key anchor institution in the growth of the creative, digital and tech cluster created at the old docks site.”

A surge of job opportunities

As the BBC headquarters is near MediaCityUK, this has created a cluster of digital media and creative industries to evolve.

As a result, generating 9,000 digital and media jobs, including the 4,500 employed at the BBC itself.

The BBC’s relocation to Salford has also prompted a number of significant companies to relocate.

Salford jobs saves economy
Photo taken by Pavven Kaur

These strategies have equipped Salford with the means to survive the shocking economic impact of COVID-19.

Economic Impact of COVID-19

In other words, the restrictions that were in place to combat the spread of Covid-19 have had a substantial influence on Salford’s local economy.

A recent report showed that Salford had 19,600 residents on furlough as of January 31st.

In addition, 7,000 to 8,000 residents have requested self-employment financial support since March 2020.

The report states “The evidence to date is that young people have been impacted most.”

Furthermore, those in the ‘non-essential’ sector have been most affected, while companies in the ‘necessary’ have been hit the least.

surge of job opportunities
Infograph created by Pavven Kaur on Canva

In conclusion, the BEIS supports the Council report which concludes that “Salford’s long term underlying credentials are would expect a return to growth trajectory this year…”

To view the latest vacancies in Salford, click here.

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