Volunteers and their families join event organisers in giving the sensory garden some much-needed love.

On Sunday, the Buile Hill Mansion Association, collaborating with the Sunflowers for Salford, began their efforts to revive the mansion’s sensory garden and once again make it a well-maintained community space.

Many volunteers from the Salford community and their families came to help prepare the garden for its makeover and to litter-pick around Buile Hill Park.

Adults and children alike were keen to help with the effort. Many people dropped in to lend a hand which resulted in a diverse community coming together to do their part for where they live.

The garden and the surrounding area have had 200 sunflowers planted in it as part of the Sunflowers for Salford initiative and to pay tribute to those that have been lost to Covid-19 during the pandemic.

Jenni Smith, one of the chief organisers of the event, said: “Sunflowers absorb 330mg of nitrogen oxide from the air, so they help with [reducing] pollution, they are great for local wildlife and also they look quite pretty.”

She said: “We had a really great turnout and a lot of support.

“Hopefully it will be a project from now until it is finished, so we hope that [volunteers] will be involved in its transformation.”

Below is an interview with Jenni Smith, in which she goes into more detail about the sensory garden and upcoming events for her organisation.

Pete Simms, experienced horticulturalist and head architect of the garden project, said: “We want to make it as beautiful as possible and to create as many memories as possible.”

He also described the many uses the garden could fulfil once complete. These included hosting art exhibitions, small concerts and educating children about horticulture.

The two beds in the garden will feature plants that stimulate the senses of touch, smell, sight and taste to educate children on the senses. Image credit: William Hallows

The finish date of the project is uncertain at this point in time. It is expected to be completed sometime next year.

The Buile Hill Mansion Association is always looking for more volunteers. If you would like to visit their homepage to learn more about the organisation and to get involved in the garden makeover click here.

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