Local Councillors and Neighbourhood teams have come together in an effort to reduce dangerous driving around Salford Quays.

Quays Labour released a statement, in conjunction with the Salford Quays Community Forum and local Councillors.

Jonathon Moore, administrator for the Salford Quays Community Forum on Facebook, said:

“We find this issue particularly frustrating as unlike some of the other problems we have, we feel that the solution to this one should be quite straightforward to implement.”

Incidents of dangerous driving and loud drag racing has increased, according to local residents.

GMP is also said to be increasing their patrols and presence in the area.

Options are also currently being explored to introduce an ANPR camera alongside the Lowry Outlet mall car park between the two roundabouts.

This is the key meeting point for drivers and high speed driving.

The ANPR camera would provide overt, highly visible digital messaging whilst gathering registration details to support warnings.

In terms of longer term traffic calming, proposals are being considered for raised crossings which would reduce speeds to 20 mph along some areas of the Quays.

More meetings are scheduled over the next two weeks to discuss the plans in more detail.

It is recognised that this is a longer term intervention, hence the focus upon enforcement activity in the immediate term.

Have you been affected by dangerous driving in Salford or on the Quays? Let us know in the comments below.

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