Marble Beers is looking for acoustic artists or bands with their own equipment to play at their Taproom in Salford.

The brewery already has a popular bar in Ancoats, The Marble Arch, but have opened up their taproom at the source, so you can ‘sit right where it’s made’.

The Marble Arch has been successful for years and the owners are hoping that that custom will rub off onto the taproom.

“The Marble Arch doesn’t have the space or the need for gigs, I think it’s still important for us to push events of any kind even though it can be hard because people are unsure of committing,” Mars admitted.

The Taproom, which opened at the end of 2019, provides a whole host of beers brewed right there alongside delicious pizza with vegan options available, the only thing missing is the music!

Inside the taproom at Marble Beers,
Image Credit: Mars Pascale

Mars Pascale, Manager of the venues said: “We are looking to start something small, to do maybe once or twice a month.”

“At the beginning, we want solo acts, acoustic acts with their own gear, outside we definitely have lots of space, but we don’t have a PA system at the moment so it will start small and hopefully it picks up,”

“We had a bigger gig a couple months ago but everyone was seated and at the time we were still doing the restrictions, so we wanted to test the waters and see how it goes.” Mars continued.

The brewery describes themselves as ‘the innovation of tradition’, Mars explains that whilst they pay their respects to the tradition and try and preserve the craft they will still experiment.


Throughout the pandemic Marble Beers’ website helped them stay afloat, their online shopping feature allows users to buy cases of mix and match beers.

Available to buy are 12 & 24 can bundles of mixed cases of core beers, crispy lager, big bottles and a taster box which if ordered before 3 in the afternoon is delivered the next day free of charge if local.

During the pandemic Marble Beers lost some trade, similar to other breweries but Mars assured that they have gained some new regulars who are ‘lovely and affectionate’.

“We are only five minutes away from media city and because we’re in an industrial estate we don’t really bother anyone,”

“I like the vibe especially inside, its very intimate, quiet and chilled and I like that but I would very much like to use the space outside for bigger things.” Mars said.

Mars spoke about being a woman in a male-dominated industry but admitted Marble beers is doing well as it is an important topic for them.

Marble Beers and the taproom are part of the #Everyonewelcomeinitiative where they work to maintain the space as an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

Marble Beers Taproom upcoming events include:

Book Club which will meet every last Thursday in the month starting from the 26th August

Pizzas at the Taproom
Image Credit: Mars Pascale

Games Night which will start on Thursday 19th

Brewery tours for £20 which includes pizza and a pint.

Also included for customers are the occasional offers for the Lowery Theatre and for games at Old Trafford


The main thing Mars is looking forward to is the celebration of their decadence beer in November, hoping to organise a band and potentially a cheese pairing event.

Mars would ideally like it to be a two-day event trying the beers from the previous years to see the difference in taste and their evolution.

“November weather may not be the nicest, but we have more than enough to cater for that,” Mars concluded.


If you want to suggest yourself as a Musician for the Sunday sessions or to book the venue or the brewery tours, email via tap@marblebeers,com or check up on Marble Beers or Marble Taproom social media.

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