Salford’s Chatty Café scheme is emerging from lockdown to bring people back together for a long-awaited natter.

The people of Salford are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as lockdown restrictions lift and the rule of six is officially in the past. While some are able to step back into a society we once knew, others are struggling to overcome the social anxiety that comes with it.

The Chatter and Natter tables are a great way for the people of Salford to ease their way back into society at a slower pace.

The designated tables welcome people into cafes, libraries, and community centres to sit and talk to other people, while enjoying a cup of coffee. There is no hidden agenda, the table is simply there if anybody feels like they would like to spend their time chatting away to strangers rather spend their time visiting a place that homes a table by themselves.

Alex, who founded the Chatty Café Scheme in 2017, said: “Whether you stay for five minutes or an hour at your local Chatter & Natter table, just a simple chat over a coffee can brighten your day. We know that simple connections with other human beings can make you feel so much better and a part of the world around you.”

The Chatty Café Scheme also hosts weekly Zoom calls which anybody is welcome to join.

There has also been a volunteer service set up which was created as a way to reach out to people who have been reported to social prescribers as lonely, or lacking human interaction. They receive a weekly phone call from volunteers and chat away for half an hour! If you are interested in volunteering please email:

There is a website dedicated to the Chatty Café Scheme which you can visit here

“I live alone and don’t really know my neighbours. My family live some distance away and I do feel lonely quite a lot of the time. But since visiting my local café and sitting at the table, I have talked to some lovely people and had some really enjoyable conversations,” shared a gentleman who enjoys visiting his local Chatter & Natter table.

There are 138 Chatter & Natter tables in and around Salford alone, so find out which one is closest to you using this link!

Chatter and Natter tables in Salford Map


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