After the passing of Cllr. Ray Walker in August of this year, a By-Election to fill the casual vacancy has been announced for this coming November.

Liberal Democrat Candidate for the Blackfriars and Trinity By-Election Joe Allen has set his stall out ahead of what looks like to be a tightly fought contest.

With this contest coming hot off the heels of the surprise Liberal Democrat gain in Kersal and the staggering result in Quays, many commentators are saying this by-election is set to send another shockwave through the city.

Earlier this year, Joe campaigned against a 7 story development that would have prevented him and his neighbours having access to light.

A source close to the campaign says: “Whilst one by-election won’t change who runs the council, we see this as a unique chance to ensure residents are truly listened to, and hold Labour-run Salford City Council to account.”

The Liberal Democrats have selected local champion Joe Allen to represent the party.

Joe says: “I’m delighted and honoured to have been chosen to be the candidate in this election. It’s clear that our council has let us down, and I’m looking forward to campaigning to Clean Up Blackfriars”.

Having moved to the area years ago, Joe is proud to call Blackfriars his home.

He says: “We all know how fantastic our area is, but I know it can be so much better”

“As we come out of lockdown and our two cities continue to grow faster than ever, this is a real opportunity to shape our future for the better”.

“I want to clean up Blackfriars, protect our green spaces, and fight for a fair deal for our area”

The Blackfriars and Trinity by-election to Salford City Council will take place on 4th November.

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