October Walking Festival at Clifton Country Park welcome sign. Image taken by Rutabah Khan

During the month of October, the Salford Ranger Team have organised walks around parks in Salford. 

The walks in Clifton Country Park are catered to different abilities and ages, so all can enjoy their copious health benefits.

The ‘Tiny Tots Ramble’ walk is aimed towards younger children. This walk takes place every Friday in October. The walk starts from the Clifton Country Park café at 10:30.

Clifton Country Park is the perfect location for young children and their parents or careers. This is because the park has an easy to walk on terrain, play area for children, a variety of wildlife and fairy-tale sculptures throughout the park.

Lynn Howarth explained why she preferred walking in Clifton Country Park. Howarth said: “It’s easy to walk because the ground is level, and because of the weather it’s a nice path to walk along”. The park also offers amenities such as a café, free parking, and toilets.

One of the other events that is taking place in Clifton Country Park during the October Walking Festival is ‘Nordic Walking’, which is taking place every Saturday throughout October from 9:30am till 1pm. The sessions are led by Parks and Pathways Nordic Walking.

‘Nordic Walking’ is a low intensity walk catered towards everyone. When done correctly this walk offers a body workout that strengthens and tones.

Diane Lemon is a local Salford resident and regularly walks in Clifton Country Park most days. She said: “Oh, I think it’s amazing, its great. It’s a pity there’s not more of these places”.

Lemon also mentioned the advantage of taking part in the October Walking Festival and said: “Not only are you walking, but you are also meeting other people. You get to see such lovely countryside in a city”.

The Salford Ranger Team have also organised a harder walk, for those who enjoy a challenge! The ‘Salford Volunteer Rangers 10 Miler’ walk is being held on Sunday the 24th of October from 10am till 3pm at Clifton County Park.

To attend this walk you can book through Rangers@salford.gov.uk.

For more information about the October Walking Festival can be found in the Salford City Council brochure.

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