increase in litter

Over last week, Salford has experienced an increase in litter on the street, with large groups of Facebook-goers showing their distaste for rise in rubbish.

People often discard their rubbish into bushes. Credit: William Hallows

This is due to more frequent littering and fly-tipping – the act of illegally dumping waste which currently carries a charge up to £50,000.

Salfordians have been showing their repulsion for the rubbish ruining their streets.

“It is dreadful in this area, mainly to the lack of black wheely bins” said one commenter.

Another commenter said, “The entry round back of mine is always full of rubbish, bins always going missing, I’m forever having to go to the tip…People don’t seem to care about the mess and it seems to get worse week on week.”

One member of the community says the work of the council might be causing an increase in litter.

They pointed out that because the council clean up instances of fly-tipping, there is reason to leave rubbish there again.

Waste is frequently spotted on residential streets. Credit: William Hallows

Also, one person mentioned potential solutions to the issue.

Literature in more languages, visits from environmental officers and (in extreme cases) prosecuting offenders and landlords.

All of these measures could potentially help decrease the amount of waste found on the street.

The council urges members of the public to report fly-tipping and litter at their website.

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