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All over Salford, people have been celebrating National New Friends Day, a day celebrating making new connections and friends.

The day aims to provide people with new, strong social support bubbles and raise happiness in those participating.

Throughout today, we’ve spoken to Salford residents about how life-long friendships have blossomed since their first meeting.

One resident told us: “We met when I tripped over in class, I fell into a wall.

“She came to ask me if I was alright, and then we’ve ended up becoming the best of friends.”

Another said of their friend: “I met him on the first day of uni and we pointed at the ‘J’ on journalism.

“We’ve been friends ever since.”

A number of activities have been suggested for those taking part in National New Friends day, these include; getting to know an acquaintance better, making sure you’re relationships with current friends are as good as they can be, as well as attending gatherings within your local neighbourhood.

It’s not to late to take part in National New Friends Day, so get out there and say, “Hello” to your fellow Salfordians. You might just meet a friend for life.

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