The Buzzy Bee in Swinton is gearing up for its Halloween event which will see new Halloween themed treats brought to the menu.

Buzzy Bee Brunch Club was born in lockdown, when owner Jen Eachus finally found time to bring her dreams to fruition.

Buzzy Bee Swinton
Buzzy Bee Swinton
Image Credit: Anna Dugdale

“Lockdown gave me time to properly think it through, put a business plan together and properly prepare it. I’ve always loved breakfast and brunch food wise, and I just thought ‘may as well join them together and create the buzzy bee’,” she said.

Since opening at the end of June 2021, the Buzzy Bee has made its home on Swinton Square.

“The precinct was one of the only places that has a decent seating area out front, there isn’t a massive number of places around Swinton really,” she said.

“I think Swinton is an up-and-coming place, there is a lot of opportunity here. There are quite a lot of empty shops but at the same time there is a lot of new independent businesses, so I thought I’d bring a bit of vibrancy to the precinct.”

The Halloween event will be taking place on October 3-. The event is all about showcasing the creativity of Buzzy Bee, and even has a Salford-based back story.

Pumpkin at Buzzy Bee
Pumpkin at Buzzy Bee Swinton
Image Credit: Anna Dugdale

“I’ve made up a story about the Lancastrian Library. The story is that many years ago, before it was closed down, there was a zombie outbreak in Swinton. The council trapped a load of zombies within the library, which is why they’ve never done it up! They’re locked in there, nice and safe, but on Halloween they’re escaping and coming here,” she said.

Even the menu will have a Halloween theme.

“We’re going to have zombie dancers, a zombie brunch menu, Halloween themed. It’s going to be cocktails, dry ice, the whole sha-bang, colour-changing cocktails. We’re all going to be dressed up. We’re doing a late night, crazy cocktail kind of thing,” she said.

“It’s going to be family friendly until 4pm. Then all the zombies and scary stuff will come out. I don’t want to scare anyone too much! We’re going to have a fancy-dress competition and Halloween karaoke in the evening.

“We’re doing a flash mob with the zombies. They’re all from Salford, from the university’s dancing and performing school. They’re going to come on every two hours and do the Thriller dance.”

The normal brunch menu will still be running, just with a few new spooky additions.

“We have a black milkshake. We’re going to have black pancakes and we’re going to do hot dogs that look like fingers.


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“We have a local lady that we use as our baker and she’s going to make us some really cool Halloween stuff. She’s called Weenie Bakes. She makes all our brownies and cakes, it’s a huge community effort.”

Cakes at Buzzy Bee Swinton
Cakes at Buzzy Bee Swinton
Image Credit: Anna Dugdale

The Halloween event is all about getting the community involved, an ethos that runs throughout the entire business.

“I think it’s so important (to keep everyone involved). Even with local businesses and local people, it’s nice to get everyone involved. I think it’s nice to interact with different people as they never know when they’ll come in useful again down the line. It’s just nice to support hard working and talented folk.

“We sell a lot of independent branded things we sell. We source it all ourselves. We have organic vegan products that come from really small distributors, we have spirits that come from Ancoats.

“It’s more local, independent brands. We have our own branded coffee, and we try keep everything as local as we can in terms of sourcing.”

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