sale of the AJ Bell stadium

Director of Salford Red Devils, Paul King, has said logistical issues could make the club’s proposed move to Salford City Football Stadium difficult.

Rumours suggest that the move could end up costing the Red Devils over £2.2 million.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the Director spoke of the need for higher advertising hoards, lowering seating numbers below the required 5,000 for Super League.

This would require making the stands bigger and creating a terraced side, and this, along with other logistical issues make the move difficult for the Devils.

In the interview, King explained: “We haven’t got the due diligence for Moor Lane yet. We don’t know how much it costs to turn the floodlights on.

“So, we’d have to do something about the stadium – I’m putting together a list including new floodlights, increased capacity and other things, plus this is how much it would cost to run it every year.”

Salford Red Devils moved to the purpose-built AJ Bell Stadium back in 2012, but low attendance figures led the club to rumours of a potential move.

He followed: “Were entitled to be at the AJ Bell for 2022 and 2023 but I strongly suspect Sale and Salford City would like us out of there at the end of our 2022 season. Being there in 2023 is unlikely. We’ve got to find somewhere to live.

“Our current rental agreement is £150,000 a year. When people say we don’t pay our rent, we do. In 2023, Sale and Salford City will probably want £450,000. After then, the rent will start with a six.”

An official proposal for the move is yet to be confirmed.

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