A community hub in Salford is preparing courses for PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) and trauma sufferers in Victoria Park 

Starting on Wednesday the 3rd of November, the Salford Hive Community Hub will be hosting the courses from 10:00am to 12:00 pm. 

The Hive was originally open to veterans and ex-armed forces personnel as their focus as a veteran’s café, but they eventually broadened their approach to helping the community.  

Chantelle, one of the organisers of events at the Hive said: “it isn’t just about the veteran, that veteran will have a mum, dad, sibling, partner, children who will all being going through their own problems. 

Helping veterans means helping the rest of the community too.” 

Salford Hive Community Hub. Image Credit: Annie Brewer


Because of this, Chantelle explained that these courses are for anyone and not just for ex-service people, including young people.  

She said “Anyone can suffer from PTSD; it is a major event that has happened in their life and caused trauma.  

We want to help them deal with that trauma.” 

Everyone at the Hive believes in bringing the community of Swinton back into the park. Chantelle said: “it’s so important to make sure people don’t feel alone or isolated. 

“Don’t be at home alone, come out, come and have a cup of tea. There will always be someone here to have a chat and help you.”  

Victoria Park, Swinton. Image Credit: Annie Brewer


The community hub was named ‘the Hive’ by Chantelle. She said: “I named it that because the bees leave their hive to work all day, but they always come back to the hive.  

Here, our families and community can always come back to the Hive too.”  

The courses are run through Salford City College but are held in the Hub at Victoria Park. 



They are free to attend to any Salford Resident over 19 years of age.  

For more information or to book your place on a course, email support@csin.co.uk  

Image credit: CSIN Academy, Salford Hive Community Hub




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