Bee bike salford

Local cycle hire has arrived this month with the launch of Andy Burnham’s  ‘Bee Bike’ hire scheme in Salford and Manchester.

Similar to London’s ‘Boris Bikes’, the scheme will require customers to park the bikes in a physical docking station to end their journey.

The bikes were previously showcased by Mayor Andy Burnham at a launch of the  ‘Bee Network’ transport initiative back in October.

Credits – Callum Hesketh

The plans are in place by the council in an effort to integrate buses, trams, and bike share into a ‘London-style’ transport system.

The first docks to be installed, still wrapped in plastic film, were spotted at the University of Salford’s Peel Park campus over the last few days.

The yellow bee bike scheme in Salford will launch for public use on 18 November, with bikes available to hire around the University of Salford, Media City UK, and Oxford Road.

It’s anticipated that requiring users to return bikes to a physical dock will avoid the vandalism that haunted the city’s previous Mobike hire scheme, which led to the company removing the bikes from the city.

Bikers will start their journeys using the Beryl ride sharing app, by either tapping their phone on the bike or entering the unique code written on it.

The cycle hire scheme will be open 24/7 after it’s inception, with 1,200 pedal bikes and 300 electric bikes to be available across 200 docking stations by June 2022.

The scheme will be operated by Beryl under contract from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). Details, including pricing, can be found on TfGM’s website.

A standard pedal bike will cost 50p to unlock and 5p per minute of cycling – electric bikes will cost double, at £1 to unlock and 10p per minute.

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