A nurse from Salford Royal has backed the government’s mandate for frontline NHS staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Health sectary Sajid Javid announced that NHS staff across England will have to be fully vaccinated – but up to 100,000 workers in the NHS are currently thought to be unvaccinated against Covid-19.

Salford Royal Nurse, Sam Scragg said: “I think it is the right decision as hired nurses we all must make sure we are vaccinated against meningitis C, MMR and hepatitis b and I do not see this as anything different really.

“When you have worked in the NHS, and you have seen what it’s like for the patients that have suffered from Covid-19.

“I do not understand why we would not have our own vaccine to make sure that we are safe, and the clients are safe.”

It is estimated that between 80,000 and 100,000 NHS workers in England were unvaccinated, said Chris Hopson, head of NHS Providers.

Sam Scragg, Salford Royal Hospital Nurse

Ms Scragg says that nurses and NHS staff may have mixed feelings about the government’s decision.

She said: “My guess is that the people that would have had the vaccine have already received it.

“I think that NHS staff will be a bit disgruntled that they must have it as mandatory, and that is the decision that they must make either they have the vaccine and protect the patients, or they may lose their jobs. But that will be something for individual trust to discuss with their own staff.”

Credit- Salford City Council

Recent statistics show that positive PCR tests are up by 8.6% in Salford. Nurse Scragg said that:
“I don’t know the level of staff in Salford that has not had the Covid vaccine and that might be vastly different trust to trust.

“But I think we have had extremely high levels of Covid-19 patients at Salford Royal, so it is important to protect ourselves and our clients, so it is necessary.”

The discussion which began in September around Covid-19, and flu jabs should be mandatory for frontline NHS workers.

Sajid Javid stated that the flu vaccine would not be made mandatory.

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