Jungle challenge Salford

Staff at a new I’m A Celebrity… Jungle Challenge in Salford have promised its trials will test visiting campmates’ nerves.

The ‘action-packed’ I’m A Celebrity… Jungle Challenge at Quayside MediaCityUK opened in July following months of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Neil Currie, designate duty manager at the I’m A Celebrity… Jungle Challenge, said: “It’s a live experience where guests will come, visit, do the jungle and collect as many stars as possible across a varied amount of activities.

“We don’t have bugs and stuff – it’s more physical activities – so you’ve got a climbing wall, a leap of faith, a zipline and stuff like that.

“Personally, I found it really difficult… I got about 20 stars out of the 90 available.

“It does really test your nerve and test your abilities in all different ways.”

Back on solid ground after completing the Get A Grip leap of faith, campmate Anthony Gay agreed: “It’s more strenuous than I thought it was going to be.

“I think we were thinking it was going to be more puzzles and eating stuff, so we certainly won’t be going to the gym or anything like that tonight!

“It does challenge you, but we’ve had a great day.”

As names including former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin and Coronation Street star Simon Gregson are rumoured for this year’s series, which returns to screens on Sunday 21st November, the team at the I’m A Celebrity… Jungle Challenge are looking forward to more visitors tackling their trials.

Neil added: “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is a really big show across the country so we do get a lot of guests from London and Birmingham and places like that who come and visit, so it’s a really good opportunity for Salford to get tourists in.

“We’re very excited about the show coming back on – big fans of the show!

“It’ll only help guests come here, like the popularity of the attraction itself will hopefully get boosted by the show.”

We certainly won’t be going to the gym or anything like that tonight!

With the opening of the I’m A Celebrity… Jungle Challenge part of a £26million development plan for the shopping centre formerly known as the Lowry Outlet, Salford appears set to become a real Northern tourist hotspot over the coming months.

Discussing the location of the live experience, Salfordian security guard Sean Hayes suggested: “It’s honestly quite surprising because you wouldn’t picture it here, but it’s a new sight to be seen and it adds flavour to the area.”

Jungle Challenge
The Activities Team welcome guests at the Kit Shack (Image Credit: Sophie Hodgetts)

More information about the I’m A Celebrity… Jungle Challenge can be found here.

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