The Buile Hill Mansion Association are looking for Christmas donations which will support local Salford charities for Christmas.

In support for the two charities, Salford Survivor Project and Salford Food Parcels are collecting Christmas food and gift donations.

Taking place on November 21st, located at the Buile Hill Parks Sensory Garden in Eccles.

The Salford Survivor Project have an Amazon Wishlist as an option for individuals that are unable to join, as well as dropping off items at their Peel Green shop in Eccles.

Jennifer Smith, Chair of the Buile Hill Mansion Association, said: “Salford Survivor Project is a local charity supporting people living in Salford who have fled all types of Domestic Violence.

“The majority have nothing left, just the clothes they were wearing.

“Salford Food Parcels are our closest food bank and are based from Emmanuel church, they again are supporting our local community in need.”

The association and two charities are non-profit, choosing to volunteer to help others around Salford.

Smith said: “We are all volunteers…it is time consuming but it’s worth it due to the feedback we receive from people we support.”

On November 7th, Buile Hill Mansion Association’s supported the charity, Wrap Up Salford. Their event received incredible support by Salford locals.

Wrap Up Salford gathered over 30 coats for homeless people after this event.

Smith said: “We have supported Salford Food parcels and Wrap up Salford in the past and got such a brilliant response that we decided to collect again.”

Smith added: “We are extremely lucky as we are really well supported by people of Salford.

“Every collection we have done has surpassed all our expectations.

“Salford people are truly brilliant at supporting each other.”

After so many successes, Buile Hill Mansion Association continues to help other charities around Salford to help out their locals.

“We have decided to do a Christmas appeal because we are so well supported by the community and between us can help local people have a nice Christmas.”

Salford Survivor Project are looking for presents for all ages, they have an Amazon Wishlist full of suggestions.

Whereas Salford Food Parcels are looking for Christmas related food, for example, this might include mince pies, cakes or biscuits.

The Buile Hill Mansion Association team can be found every Sunday from 10am until 12pm at the Sensory Garden in Buile Hill Park.

However, volunteers are available to collect any donations if you are unable to travel.

For further information on this you can be found on their Facebook page

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