Three fire engines were called to The Salford Student Union building in Peel Park last night.

Moments before, the building was evacuated after the fire alarm went off. As they left the building, some students reported smelling smoke.

Two fire engines were sent from Salford Fire Station, while the third came from Broughton.

Leslie Kara, a first-year student at Salford University, was out with his friends when the alarm went off.

While waiting outside, he said: “Suddenly the alarms went off when I was in the middle of eating! I don’t know if I can get my burger back or get a refund.”

Leslie and his friends had left their coats inside and had to wait in the cold for close to two hours. During this time firefighters were inside the building, and they eventually left at 19:30.

At this point, the students were told that the building would stay closed for the night and that they must get their stuff and leave.

As well as the bar Atmosphere having to close early, this also meant student station Shock Radio had to cancel its evening shows and communal work spaces could no longer be used.

Luckily for Leslie, he was offered a refund for his burger and a gift card to use next time he visited Atmosphere. When asked if it was worth the wait he said:

“I mean – I can’t feel my toes at this point so no. But at least I can get my burger when I come back.”

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, however firefighters were seen entering the girls toilets on the ground floor.


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